The ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is an easy way to get an idea of whether your cholesterol levels are healthy. If you can achieve a healthy ratio of total cholesterol to HDL, and maintain this long-term, this can help to reduce your risk of heart problems in the future.

Using the calculator

To use the calculator, you will only need your total cholesterol figure and your HDL figure. If you do not have either or both of these, ask your health team. People with diabetes in the UK should have total and HDL cholesterol measured at least once each year. A ratio of under 4 is usually regarded as a sign of healthy cholesterol levels. [283] Note that, whilst there is no official figure to aim for it is understood that the lower the figure, the healthier your cholesterol levels are. The cholesterol charity Heart UK states that a figure above 6 is regarded as representing a high risk of heart disease. [286]

Calculate your cholesterol ratio

If you live in the UK, you will normally be given your cholesterol results in mmol/l. Note that the calculator is only meant to serve as a guide. If you have any questions your cholesterol levels, please discuss these questions with your health team.

Total cholesterol to HDL (mmol/l)


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