Some people with diabetes may wish they could be less aware of their diabetes. However, in a busy world, diabetes awareness is key.

If we want the medical establishment and national government to put their shoulders behind finding a cure, then we need to raise our voices, raise our profile and raise awareness of this annoying and often unpleasant condition.

Medical breakthroughs

Insulin was discovered not quite 100 years ago, but since then there have been no major breakthroughs in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes, and the numbers diagnosed quietly grow.

Meanwhile diagnoses of type 2 is the ‘headline grabber’ with dramatics statements made that the NHS can’t afford to treat people who are seen to actually just have a weight problem.

Why raise awareness

If they have Type 2 diabetes, chances are that it’s more or less impossible to lose weight. The medications alone help you gain or at least maintain weight.

So there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there. It’s only by raising awareness that we can help everyone else to understand what we live with.

Diabetes awareness

For some people diabetes awareness may be about the prevention of the onset of the condition. Healthy eating and more active lifestyles can ward off type 2 diabetes induced by being overweight. Learn to love food in a way that does not compromise your health, or your taste buds!

Sharing knowledge

For other people talking and sharing knowledge will bring them support and let them lose any sense of being different — it’s a tough call, but life with diabetes doesn’t have to be all that bad. Let’s share what we know.

Talking about diabetes

By talking about diabetes and the effect is has on our lives, we help keep healthcare admistrators and politicians focused on the job of providing us with the care and information we need to successfully live with our diagnosis.

You can help raise money on this website if you go to the charity section where you can donate.

Check in your local area to see if local groups are doing anything – a sponsored walk or tea party.

Diabetes Week

Diabetes Week was created by Diabetes UK to raise awareness for diabetes. Since it’s inceptio, it has annually set a campaign aim in order to raise awareness about diabetes.

This year is no different – with the campaign set to dispel the myths of diabetes.

World Diabetes Day

Looking ahead to World Diabetes Day on 14 November we in the UK can pull together to help raise awareness about diabetes on a global level with the annual World Diabetes Day.

Knowledge is power – I certainly believe so, and by raising awareness about diabetes many great things can be achieved for us all.

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