Control Your Blood Sugar, Repair Insulin Function and Minimise Your Medication – Within Weeks.

Reverse Diabetes Diet: Control Blood Sugar, Repair Insulin Functio, Minimise Medication

Rodale (20 April 2007)



The media is full of diabetes books and diabetes treatments that claim to ‘cure’ diabetes

This usually amounts to a hollow promise at best, or a cynical marketing ploy at worst.

Defying convention

Conventional medical lore dictates that type 2 diabetes is irreversible. However, the author of this diabetes diet book attempts to prove that this is not the truth.

Barnard uses a series of trials to indicate how it is (theoretically) possible to repair insulin functioning within the body, even leading to a reversal of the type 2 diabetic condition. It is the aim of this book to show the reader how.

Scientifically proven

Barnard’s programme is described as ‘scientifically proven’ and ‘life-changing.’

Diabetics who undertake the Barnard diet will eat regular meals consisting of fruit, whole grains, pulses and vegetables – known together as the New Four Food Groups.

Four food groups

This promises to improve the way in which the body responds to insulin with the introduction of high-fibre, low GI foods.

Reverse type 2 diabetes

Whether or not Barnard’s system really reverses type 2 diabetes remains to be seen – and it is worth every diabetic remembering his or her individual dietary needs.

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