By Jenny Ruhl

Blood Sugar 101

Technion Books



A very easy to read and comprehend book on blood sugars and life with diabetes.

Simple and easy to understand

Jenny Ruhl was diagnosed in 1998 with type 2 diabetes , after many unsuccessful attempts to follow doctor’s orders in order to control her condition.

She proceeded to sort out answers for herself. Based on her writings on the award winning website Ms Ruhl has condensed her findings and recommendations into this simple and easy to understand book.

Blood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes

The book contains interesting and fundamental information on core diabetes topics many of which are not fully understood by many diabetics.

Including details about:

  • What normal blood sugar levels really are,
  • What actually causes diabetes,
  • What blood sugar levels cause complications,
  • What medications are safe to use,
  • What diet is right for different people.

In doing so, Ruhl brings together much of the research conducted by professionals in the diabetes field, as well as doctor’s advice and possibly most importantly personal experience of that advice.

Ruhl also examines a number or myths and uninformed ‘facts’ that are widely used and thrown at diabetics and makes suggestions in a concise and easy to understand way of dealing with the condition.

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