By Diabetes UK

Diabetes Cookbook

Dorling Kindersley



This diabetes cookbook has been written by the leading diabetes charity in the United Kingdom.

Diet can make the difference

It addresses the fact that good diet control can make all the difference in a persons’ management of the condition.

Well presented

This cookbook is nicely laid out with pictures to tempt the taste buds, will over a hundred recipes that are more creative than those normally presented in diabetes cookbooks.

This book also includes informative comments about certain ingredients in the recipes which provide information about why they are appropriate for people suffering from diabetes.


The only slight criticism for these a couple of these recipes is that there are quite a few ingredients which would have to be bought in specially rather than being found in the kitchen cupboards.

Also it may have been better to see diabetic equivalents to every day recipes which could be enjoyed by people with diabetes as well as those without.

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