By Anthony Worral-Thompson and Louise Blair (published by Kyle Cathie)

The Essential Diabetes Cookbook

Kyle Cathie (2010)



The Essential Diabetes Cookbook contains over 170 recipes from TV chef and personality Anthony Worrall Thompson and consultant food writer for Diabetes UK, Louise Blair.

Well illustrated

The book is lavishly illustrated and will be welcomed by those who love to cook and appreciate recipes that are tailored to be lower fat and lower GI

Delicious recipes

The recipes include a delicious array of herbs, spices and flavourings which will make for wonderful tasting dishes.

The book starts with about 20 pages covering basic diabetes information , dietary advice and information on the foods of different cultures across the world.

Beware of higher carbohydrate dishes

There are some higher carbohydrate dishes but there is also a good quantity of very low carbohydrate dishes too.

About half of the recipes should be suitable for those following a reduced carbohydrate without needing to modify the recipes.

About half of the recipes feature photographs and each one of the recipes includes a very helpful and informative nutritional breakdown.

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