By Martin and Marion Shirran with Fiona Graham

Shirran’s Solution: The Gastric Mind Band

AuthorHouse (2010)



If you have gastric band surgery, the process involves a lot more than simply the time under the knife. To be able to have the operation you need to go onto a strict diet to prepare your body for the surgery.

Furthermore, after the surgery you also need to maintain discipline in how and what you eat. It is quite possible for recipients of gastric bands to ‘cheat’ the band by consuming the likes of ice cream and chocolate

Therefore, a determinant of the success of the surgery is one’s own attitude to eating and discipline.

Exploring your attitude to eating

The Gastric Mind Band explores and expands this idea by helping the reader to recognise their own attitudes to eating and to rationalise their habits.

The book uses a number of tried and tested techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy , Guided Imagery and Pause Button Therapy to instil a new attitude towards food within the reader’s mind.

Root causes behind eating habits

The Gastric Mind Band challenges you to think about the root causes behind your current eating habits The delivery can be quite blunt and some of the imagery is stark so for those looking for more than just a nudge in the right directio, this book delivers.

The book is easy to follow and to make the most out of it, take some time at the end of each chapter to explore your own thoughts on what you’ve read.

After introducing the concept, the book takes you through a number of topics including your body’s need for calories, how you can understand portion control and what you can do to resist feelings of hunger.

Also included along the way are a number of brief anecdotal stories to convey some of the ideas presented.

Will The Gastric Mind Band work for me?

What you get out of the book will be dependent on whether it changes your attitude towards eating. For people who really want to lose weight but find themselves coming unstuck up to a few weeks or months i, this could be the book for you.

Thankfully, unlike with gastric band surgery itself, if you find that the book needs to be surgically removed from you, it’s probably a good thing.

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