By Jack Challem

Stop Prediabetes Now




The title Stop Prediabetes Now may come across at first glance as something of a political call to arms, however, once you start to read the book you’ll see that the campaign is more on a one to one level from author to reader.

Some website reviews cite this as a useful book for losing weight

Ultimately however, it is a book aimed at those on the verge of prediabetes who are seeking to make changes to their lifestyle.

A very direct assessment

Stop Prediabetes Now starts with an explanation of pre-diabetes and how it can develop and includes questionnaires to help assess whether you could be pre-diabetic

Jack is very direct with the reader, but also very clear. Included as you go along are a number of case studies.

Explaining insulin levels

Some will be greatly taken in by the explanations about insulin levels but if this part is not for you, bear with it as the middle of the book provides some great guides get you on track.

Healthy eating and tailored recipes

Within the meat of the book there are guides towards healthy eating, tailored recipes, cooking guides and meal plans, and a comprehensive guide on nutritional supplements

The chapters on how to shop and what to look for in a variety of restaurants are also well worth a read.

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