By Dr. Stefan Ripich, ND, CNP and Jim Healthy

The 30 Day Diabetes Cure

Brainstorms Inc


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The 30 Day Diabetes Cure is split into two sections. The introduction with the question of ‘Will diabetes destroy modern civilization’ shows the increase in diabetes there has been in the 20th century and the cost to countries around the world.

Complications of diabetes

This section lays down, with many references to the horrible long term complications of diabetes (which he does like to emphasise whenever possible), why the book was written and the many patients that have been ‘cured’.

Dotted throughout the book are case studies, with details of medication, weight, blood pressure and triglycerides of patients before and after the 30 day Diabetes Healing Diet™.

Expectations from Dr Ripich

These details are impressive. Dr. Ripich would expect Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics to be able to give up their diabetes and blood pressure controlling tablets and Type 1 diabetics to be able to reduce their insulin considerably, as much as ‘80-90%’ (pg 5); and for all to reduce their weight.

Dr. Ripich says that diabetes has been ‘medicalized’ (pg 5) and is a ‘conspiracy’ by the drug companies who make millions of dollars in profits from the drugs used by mainly type 2 and pre-diabetics. Using his diabetes cure will show that there is a better way. He admits that his cure is a reversal of diabetic high glucose and that only by continuing to do so will the ‘cure’ be maintained.

Phase One

The second section lays out the 30 day Diabetes Healing Diet ™ in detail. The first 10 days are classed as ‘Phase One: Blood Sugar Boot Camp’ where different foods and habits are dropped or started. The usual dietary advice is given here, to give up sugary food, full sugar fizzy drinks and so on and to add fresh and healthy food and, surprisingly, perhaps, cinnamon.

Phase Two

The second 10 days, phase two is called ‘Inside the Bubble, Days’. This is where gentle exercise is added. Also added, are whole grains, fruit, pulses and vitamins. Dr. Ripich also looks at depression and sleep patterns and adds yoga, with day 20 recommending more vigorous exercise.

Phase Three

The final 10 days, phase three, is, Ready for the Outside World where eating out is added and any final bad eating habits eliminated. Also added are: a support system; boredom controls; more supplements; weight training and green drinks; while self sabotage and toxins, mainly plastics and plastic containers, are eliminated. Dr. Ripich also wants us to take up meditation and radiating healing energy to the space and people around us.

Good sense and new age thinking

This book is a mix of good sense and new age thinking. A cure is usually seen as something that is taken for a finite amount of time, as in antibiotics, and then, when finished, the disease or illness can be forgotten. This is not what is being said here.

If you don’t continue with the 30 day Diabetes Healing Diet ™ for life then your diabetes or pre diabetes will return and the horrific complications become your lot once again. While it is not the cure that diabetics are looking for a lot of the information given is helpful and could help all diabetics to have good glucose control and avoid many of the complications.

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