The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) is a UK charity that aims to listen to the needs of people with diabetes and their family carers, and provide support. The IDDT was established in 1994, and is a registered UK charity.

The goals of the IDDT are not only to support people with diabetes but also their families and carers – every person who has to live with diabetes.

The IDDT stress that people suffering with diabetes , whether they have the disease or not, all have different needs and views.

IDDT aims

The aims of the IDDT is to is to confront the everyday worries, fears and concerns of being a diabetic – not just in a medical sense but personally.

All IDDT trustees have diabetes or a family member with diabetes – they understand.

IDDT funding

The IDDT is run entirely by voluntary donations, and they do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

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