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Diabetes UK

People with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital with a foot ulcer than anything else.

When you're diagnosed with diabetes, you could be forgiven for worrying solely about needles and focus solely on the constant issue of controlling your sugar level.

But what about the lurking danger, one that has to be monitored just as closely, the risk to your feet?

The reduced sensation you experience when you have diabetes is particularly problematic on the feet, and it's very easy to develop serious skin conditions such as ulcers and gangrene – conditions that lead to needless amputations.

Reed Medical want to stop you being part of those statistics. Protecting your feet starts with your socks, and Reed Medical are providing that vital weapon.

Paul, London

I thought, 'a sock is a sock' – but that's not true. Protect iT™ do exactly what they say on the tin. I was pleasantly surprised.

Proper foot care

The problem is many people simply don't have time for proper foot care.

However, a new sock brought to the UK by Reed Medical could help prevent these problems developing – reducing the risk of amputation – and is recommended by the Vice Chairman of SOCAP.

Recommended by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Vice Chairman of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP) Michael O'Neill said:

Michael O'Neill,
Vice Chairman – SOCAP

The Protect iT™ sock provides the protection needed by people with diabetes to prevent the skin conditions which can cause serious infections. Something that buys you peace of mind is priceless.

Did you know: 125 amputations a week are conducted on people with diabetes.

The PROTECT iT™ sock is a unique design from Switzerland that acts as a second skin and uses the latest technology to:

  • Battle bacteria
  • Eliminate friction
  • Protect sore-prone areas
  • Support arches
  • Wick away moisture
  • Regulate temperature

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