We set up Diabetes.co.uk to help support the diabetes community The core features of Diabetes.co.uk include a diabetes support forum to help people with diabetes better understand their condition.

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Community support

We recognised that community support was just as valuable as meeting with healthcare professionals, and in some cases more so.

The Diabetes Support Forum on this site is designed to make this process easier.

Dr Hilary Jones recommends the Diabetes Forum as the leading patient-to-patient support forum for people with diabetes.

Diabetes.co.uk is the largest UK online diabetes community We are proud to have led the way in online diabetes support.

Help promote the forum!

Please promote the forum by joining us on social networking sites:

Forum poster

Promote the forum by putting up this poster in public places (with permission!) where it will be seen by people with diabetes, families and healthcare professionals.

By joining Diabetes.co.uk on these sites and sharing our community with your friends, you’re helping to build this resource into the most useful diabetes support site on the net !

Our community chatroom was developed to allow people with diabetes to talk in real-time and help and support each other.

Is Diabetes.co.uk the only diabetes support forum on the internet?

Absolutely not, there are a variety of diabetes support forums online, both in the UK and abroad. Diabetes.co.uk believe that people with diabetes should have access to as many diabetes forums as possible, and choose from a range of forums to find the best advice.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of diabetes support forums in the UK. Diabetes message boards range in size from personal websites to associations.

How do diabetes support forums help people with diabetes?

So can I use the Diabetes.co.uk forum for advice?

The Diabetes.co.uk forum is a huge resource for people with diabetes to use as they please. Every weeks, hundreds of people come to the forum for help, support and advice.

This is offered by experienced diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, not to mention some healthcare professionals and other experts. The core of the Diabetes.co.uk support forum is the community though – the transfer of knowledge from one person with diabetes to another.

We consider this a very adaptable, useful and valid way of supporting the community.

How should I use the Diabetes.co.uk support forum safely?

All online forums need to be approached safely, particularly when it comes to healthcare.

Don’t take advice without reading thoroughly around the subject and learning from trusted members.

Diabetes support online is a fantastic thing, but the wrong advice can be dangerous.

Speak with your healthcare professional before implementing any advice you have been given or read about online.

Diabetes Forum

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