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Diabetes Help & Support is here to help and support diabetics and those affected by diabetes.

This is a free, community-led information and support resource for people with diabetes.

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Whether you are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or have had type 1 diabetes for a decade, our ethos is to do our best to help you.

Diabetes help in the UK can be confusing, and although the leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK does a fantastic job, diabetes care in the NHS is not always 100% perfect.

When we started, we found that many of our visitors were hurt and confused.

Helping people with diabetes is what this page is all about, so please use the resources listed below to seek diabetes help .

Information – Diabetes Guides

Diabetes Guides is a collection of all the information we have put together for people with diabetes. Diabetes Guides aim to cover all sorts of diabetes information. Whether you wish to know what diabetes is, what the symptoms of diabetes are, about diabetes diagnosis, diabetes complications or any number of other diabetes information topics, use the diabetes guides for help.

Community Support Forum

The forum is one of the success stories of the site, with over 281,823 members discussing a massive range of diabetes topics.

Whether you are a newbie looking for reassurance, or someone looking for very specific advice, the Diabetes Forum is one of the largest free diabetes community resources on the internet.

Diabetes MyLifestyle

Diabetes MyLifestyle is an innovative feature that allows people with diabetes to input their blood glucose readings and monitor their health online. Individuals using the MyLifestyle feature can share the records with their Diabetes Specialist Nurse or healthcare professionals.

Contact Us

We are here to help, so feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. Alternatively, contact the Diabetes UK Careline

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