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Desang Bottle Bank Kitbag

Desang Bottle Bank Kitbag

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Desang Bottle Bank Kitbag
Bottle Bank Kitbag

A new model has been added to the Desang kitbag range. The Bottle Bank is aimed at those diabetics on insulin who still need to keep a bottle of insulin handy.

This would include diabetics who use syringes , or those on pumps. The bag is designed to keep a bottle of insulin safe along with either a pack of x10 or x12 plastic disposable syringes.

If they use a pump, then there’s space for a spare infusion set and inserter.

Says the bag’s designer Sue Marshall, “I was aware that there were people for whom my other bags were not suitable, as they were mainly aimed at people using insulin pens. Any diabetic on insulin has a need to carry some kit around with them, and I wanted to see if I could address this, hence the Bottle Bank.”

The leather kitbag retails at £28.99.

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