The Diet Plate which precisely sets out the portion sizes allowed for different food groups.

This is the ultimate portion control diet, which is hassle free and consistent. Clinical trial have been conducted on the Diet Plate concluding it is possible to lose three times the amount of weight compared to dieting alone.

The Diet Plate was just the first in a series of portion control merchandise designed in this specific way that recognises the importance of scientifically calibrating the food group and the portion size There are now specialised products aimed at males and females taking into account differences in their nutritional and calorific needs.

Proven to aid Diabetes Management

The Diet Plate is to date the only proven portion control plate recognised to aid the management of diabetes.

This pioneering work has been conducted by Dr Sue Pederson of the University of Calgary , Canada and was published in the ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ in June 2007.

Dr Pederson conducted a series of trials and concluded that by from using the Diet Plate over a period of six months, diabetic patients reduced their reliance on diabetes medication, including insulin

In addition to this participants lost 80% more weight than control participants and they also saw a drop in cholesterol levels. As a result of the trials, Dr Pederson concluded that portion control was a fundamental method for people with diabetes to manage their condition and that the Diet Plate was a safe and efficient way of doing this.

The Diet Plate has been trialed using different combinations of food groups and recipes on a variety of different people of different weights and ages. It has been consistently proven to encourage natural and maintainable weight loss (between 1 and 4 pounds a week).

Although there are a number of plates, including Diet Plates for children; the main focus is on:

  • Diet Plate for women with diabetes
  • Diet Plate for men with diabetes

Female Diet Plate for a woman

This Plate is a fine earthenware microwave and dishwasher safe plate, measuring 28 centimetres (11”) in diameter. This plate has been the only one of its kind to have been clinically proven to aid the management of diabetes. It is “Portion Control Made Easy” statistically calibrating food type and portion required.

Male Diet Plate for a man

The Male Diet Plate has been specially designed to account for a greater calorific and nutritional need of males than females. This plate has a 28 centimetres (11”) diameter and is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is “Portion Control Made Easy” statistically calibrating food type and portion required.

Side effects of The Diet Plate

The only known side effect of using the Diet Plate has been a reduction in blood sugar levels which can be corrected by a decrease in medication.

Therefore it is absolutely vital that your doctor or dietician is told about of the incorporation of the Diet Plate into your daily routine so that they can account any changes to well being and blood glucose levels and appropriate adjustments can be made in accordance with any changes. Always check with your GP.

According to Sue Marshall : “Kay Illingworth had the idea for plate that showed how much food you should have at a meal-time, helping to keep the horrors of ‘portion distortion’ at bay. Now trading as The Diet Plate Ltd, Kay sells a range of plates for men, women and children, each of which help people to lose weight.

When they reach their goal of hitting their ideal weight the plate can then help them stay there and not revert back to bad eating habits. The concept is easy to follow on the plate, resulting in weight loss and lifestyle change that can be dramatic.”

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