By Priscilla Call Essert

My Life as a Pancreas

Class (2009)



My Life as a Pancreas is both witty and charming as it looks back over a 5 year period in which the author had to learn about how to best recreate how a pancreas behaves for the benefit of her son Byron.

A diabetes journey that’s full of humour

Counting carbs, applying insulin ratios, recognising the subtle tell tale signs of a low blood sugar all takes time and, on an everyday basis, can become an awful drain.

Priscilla charts her journey through this period with insight, humour and at times humility.

Encouraging for parents

The book will make for encouraging reading for those who are also bringing up a child who has diabetes

As well as offering empathy to the reader, My Life as a Pancreas will be useful for parents who wish to give friends and relatives a chance to see how much impact diabetes can have from a parental point of view; a perspective which would be very difficult to adequately explain otherwise.

60 absorbing pages

At 60 pages, the book provides enough detail without becoming overwhelming.

Of further notes is the artwork which communicates the feelings of each chapter in amusing pictorial form.

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