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Gel Tears

Gel Tears

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Gel tears
Gel tears
Gel tears

Gel Tears helps diabetics with dry eyes by keeping eyes lubricated. Although you could just take in more Omega 3 fats.

Dry eyes become commoner as people get older, when eyes may feel scratchy or gritty, as though there is something in them and it’s a common complaint among people with diabetes.

Dry eyes

‘Dry eyes’ occur when there are not enough tears to keep your eyes lubricated, or the tears that are produced do not spread evenly across the eyes

One simple way to address this is just to up your intake of Omega 3 fats (the ones found in fish).

But you may want to look at using one of these new breeds of treatment – a more modern take on the old idea of eye drops.

Lasts longer than drops

Gel Tears last longer than drops, do not cause misty vision, and can be used at bedtime as they last partly through the night.

Gel Tears are available over the counter in most pharmacies, from around £4.75.

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