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Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

BBI Healthcare

GlucoTabs are fast acting chewable dextrose tablets.

Each tablet contains 4g of quick acting glucose and can be used to treat mild or moderate hypos.

Seek advice from your healthcare team about how best to manage hypoglycaemia.

As well as GlucoTabs, BBI Healthcare also make a mixed berry flavoured, liquid hypo treatment called GlucoJuice


GlucoTabs® are a fast acting dextrose tablet that comes in a strong refillable tube – no more pockets full of crumbled tablets.

Available in two great-tasting flavours: orange and raspberry

More Information: Glucotabs

  • GlucoTabs, available in orange or raspberry flavours, come in easy to carry stay fresh tubes of 10 tablets (RRP £0.79) or in bulk refill jars of 50 tablets (RRP £2.95).
  • Available from Boots, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s Pharmacies and Independent Pharmacies nationwide, or from the Diabetes Shop

According to Sue Marshall : You don’t need to tell a diabetic what it’s like to have a hypo, and most diabetics have something to hand, ‘just in case.’ which means you can take a tube out with you and leave the pot at home – or in a desk drawer at work, the glove compartment of the car or anywhere else that’s handy for you – and refill when required.

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