Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall


BBI Healthcare

From the makers of Glucotabs , GlucoJuice is a handy caffeine free shot-sized sugar boost that can help to treat mild or moderate hypoglycemia.

The containers are thoroughly sealed and robust, so they can survive being in satchels, handbags or briefcases.

Each 60ml Berry Burst shot pot contains 15g fast-acting carbohydrate

Seek professional advice from your healthcare professional about how best to manage hypos.

Targeted at diabetics

Launched by BBI Healthcare, the product is targeted at diabetics, sports and fitness enthusiasts and those with a busy lifestyle.

GlucoJuice is a new entrant in the energy category. While there are date stamps on the products, GlucoJuice can last several years before being past their use-by date.

Handy for office drawers, glove compartments and the top shelf of the fridge (not that they need refrigerating, that’s just an option).

  • The drink is non-carbonated, fat free, caffeine free and gluten free and are available at a recommended retail price of £1.59 per 60ml bottle from leading independent pharmacies.

The GlucoRx Torq Gel is another hypo treatment worth considering too.

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