The Medical Tag that could Save Your Life!

It’s really important that people with diabetes wear Medi-Tag medical ID at all times… if you were involved in a medical emergency through an accident or illness and couldn’t communicate, how would medics know you have diabetes?

Medi-Tag ID Bracelets, Pendants and Watches can reduce risk in emergency patient care by providing vital knowledge about hidden medical conditions such as diabetes, saving critical time for rapid diagnosis and accurate treatment.

A Medical Alert for Lifesavers and Emergency Services

Medi-Tag ID jewellery is worn on the pulse points and incorporates the medical symbol recognised by medics worldwide, so it’s easy for people to recognise.

Engraved with medical and personal details, Medi-Tag medical identification Bracelets, Pendants and Watches can assist in lifesaving patient care, identification and contacting next of kin.

Stylish Protection

Medi-Tag medical identification jewellery offers a variety of styles to suit all tastes and ages. Medi-Tag Bracelets and

Pendants are available in stainless steel, silver and gold. Medi-Tag Watches include a range exclusively designed by Pulsar from Seiko.

Prices of the Medi-Tag ID jewellery with personalised engraving start from only £45.00

Taking Control

Wearing Medi-Tag medical ID jewellery gives you peace of mind and confidence that in a medical emergency you can communicate vital information for your protection.

Individually personalised, you decide on the medical and personal details that should be engraved.

You also have the option of choosing to become a member of an international 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service operated by the NHS Trust.

This allows access to more medical and personal information that is stored on a secure computerised database.

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