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Hypo Symptoms Alarm
Hypo Symptoms Alarm

Medpage Ltd

Hypoglycemia Symptoms Alarm (known as the HSA-01) is a sleep alarm for symptoms of hypoglycemia.

It’s a device worn on the wrist that sounds an audible alarm and vibrates to wake those people with insulin dependent diabetes who suffer from nocturnal hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar while sleeping) commonly referred to as an insulin reaction and either don’t wake up, or don’t wake up soon enough to take corrective action.

Detects common hypoglycemia symptoms

It triggers an alert upon detecting the presence of moisture (perspiration) or a decrease in skin temperature, two common symptoms associated with hypoglycemia

Other than the purchase price, there are no on-going running costs for the monitor other than changing the batteries every six to twelve months and replacement sensors when required.

From around £79.99.

More about the Hypo Symptoms Alarm

  • Weight: 17g
  • Battery: 3V Lithium CR2032

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