Reflexa® Diabetic Socks can help you prevent complications of diabetic foot. Reflexa® socks are proven to address the following diabetic foot health issues:

  • By wearing Reflexa® socks, you can achieve better, faster blood circulation in your feet
  • Pain and swelling in your feet can be relieved
  • With increased oxygen levels, your tissues and nerves can be kept healthy
  • Your tissues can regenerate faster, which promotes better wound healing
  • Your feet can be warmer with the help of thermoregulation
  • Reflexa® socks pamper feet with a non-binding grip and a flat toe seam

Reflexa® socks can help you prevent diabetic foot symptoms, especially those resulting directly from slow blood circulation.

Why all these effects?

Reflexa® has all the above-mentioned characteristics thanks to state-of-the-art production and a material called Celliant

Microscopic particles are incorporated into the yarn of the sock Celliant cannot be washed away, because it is integrated into the material. These small particles return kinetic energy to the body and thus increase oxygen levels and blood flow in the body.

This causes numerous positive reactions in the body:

  • Increased oxygen levels in the body
  • Faster wound healing
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Pain reduction
  • Better regulation of body temperature
  • Faster regeneration after sport activities

Numerous studies confirming these claims can be seen on the Reflexa® socks web page.

Recommended by Professionals

Reflexa® diabetic socks are supported
or recognised by:

  • The American Podiatric Medial Association
  • The expert jury at the European diabetological symposium in Poland, which awarded Reflexa® first prize in the medical device category
  • Many customers across Europe and the USA
  • London Medical diabetes clinic

Order Reflexa® online

Reflexa® socks come in standard and thin versions, each available in two colours: Natural and Black.

You can choose between sizes:

  • Small: (2.5 – 5)
  • Medium: (5.5 – 8)
  • Large: (8.5 – 12)

Pay with Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, Bank wire transfer over a secure HTTPS connection or through the Paypal site. Your online payment is completely safe.

Shipping costs

Delivery time for the UK is 4 to 8 days. with the costs as follows:

  • 1 – 3 pairs: €5
  • 4 or more: €7
  • Purchases over €199 get FREE shipping

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