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AI Medics

The HypoMon from A.I.Medics is an alarm for use at night-time for detecting hypoglycemia. The technology is aimed at Type 1 diabetics between the ages of 10-25.


It is non-invasive and considers of a sensor that is worn by the patient in a belt at night-time. This picks up on the body’s stress-response symptoms (such as sweating) and alerts the wearer (or carer in the case of a young child) to the fact that a hypo might be happening.

Wake up before a hypo

The kind of tight control that is needed to achieve good HbA1c results can often mean running the risk of hypoglycemic attacks (or low blood sugars due to excess insulin).

Statistically, more severe hypos happen at night, as symptoms are missed when people are asleep. It has been assessed that the HypoMon will trigger an alarm in 80% of cases, meaning that many people who lose sleep over night-time hypos might be able to rest more peacefully as a result.

I am diabetic 1, 70 yrs old do you make these belts for older people too as it would be most welcome. Night time is always a worry.
Posted by Fergus, hollywood birmingham on Thursday, June 23, 2011
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