InsulCheck is a device which measures the time since your last injection. InsulCheck can be fitted on to the majority of insulin pens currently available.

The device was developed to help prevent people with diabetes from injecting twice after having forgotten about a previously done injection.

Have you ever forgotten whether you’ve injected?

Have you ever been in a situation when you haven’t been able to remember whether you put your last injection in or not? It’s a frightening situation to be in and can be very dangerous.

InsulCheck was developed to take the uncertainty away and make injecting safer for people with diabetes.

How does InsulCheck work?

InsulCheck is a timer that responds to usage of your insulin pen. When you dial up and deliver a dose, the timer on the pen resets to zero and begins counting again. A green light flashes on the InsulCheck timer to indicate that it has reset.

Each dose of over 5 units should be picked up by the device.

Will InsulCheck fit my pen?

InsulCheck is available in 3 different types to fit the following insulin pens:

  • InsulCheck for Eli Lilly insulin pens: HumaPen Luxura and KwikPen
  • InsulCheck for Novo Nordisk insulin pens: FlexPe, NovoPen3 and NovoPen4
  • InsulCheck for Sanofi Aventis insulin pens : SoloStar and ClikStar

How long is the battery life?

The InsulCheck should provide between 12 and 18 months of use. If the display or green light begins to fade, a new InsulCheckshould be purchased.

What can I use InsulCheck for?

The reason InsulCheck was developed was to allow you to check whether or not you gave your last insulin injection.

Other benefits of InsulCheck

InsulCheck is a device that comes highly recommended. Further benefits include:

Seeing how long ago your last meal time injection was

This can be useful for scheduling after meal blood tests and between meal snacks, and may be particularly useful for women who are going through pregnancy on insulin.

The ability to check how long ago your last bolus injection was also allows you to see whether that dose is likely to be still active.

Seeing how long ago your last basal injection was

InsulCheck can help you to ensure background insulin injections are done at correct intervals.
This can be particularly useful for people on varied routines, such as shift working, or when travelling over different time zones.

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