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Novo Hypokit from Novo Nordisk

Novo Hypokit from Novo Nordisk

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Novo Hypokit
Novo Hypokit
Novo Nordisk

The Novo Hypokit comes in a box that needs to be kept refrigerated but the box is not large and is easy to store in a fridge door (partly because the glucagon vial within it should be protected from light).

However, the Novo Hypokit can be stored at room temperature (up to 25o C) for 18 months provided that the expiry date is not exceeded (so a desk drawer is OK).

The kit is for use for someone having a relatively severe hypo

If you can’t administer enough sugar yourself in time to prevent the progress of the hypo then the Novo Nordisk Hypokit can be used by someone else who is there in order to help you. In this way family, friends, or co-workers can help possibly preventing the need to call for an ambulance.

The kit contains glucagon injection that is easy to use and does not require without medical training in order to administer it. A brief user manual is also inside the kit.

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