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Owen Mumford Autopen


Owen Mumford

Most insulin used in the UK come with its own related delivery device – so if you’re on a Novo insulin, like Novo Rapid, you’ll be given a Novopen to deliver it. If you use Lilly’s Humalog insulin, then you’ll get a Humapen.

They’re great pens, but if you have certain needs, like dexterity issues or for young users, you may find the Autopen from Owen Mumford a useful alternative.

The Autopen

The pen is light and has its release button placed on the side which may make it easier for some to handle and the force used to push the insulin is significantly less than for other insulin pens.

The Autopen Classic is compatible with 3ml cartridges of insulin from Eli Lilly and Wockhardt.

The Autopen 24 is compatible with insulins from Sanofi Aventis and both pens fit leading brands of pen needles.

Different types of Autopen

There are 2 types of Autopen – the Autopen Classic and Autopen 24. Both of these come in either 1 or 2 unit variations, available in the Diabetes Shop:

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