DANA Diabecare R Insulin Pump
DANA Diabecare R Insulin Pump


The DANA Diabecare R is an insulin pump that also features a remote control as well as blood glucose measuring.

The remote control also features its own display and control panel and shows continuous blood glucose monitoring – no need to keep glancing at the pump itself.


  • The smallest and lightest pump available
  • Large 300 units reservoir
  • Small basal rate increments
  • 24 basal rates per profile and 4 different basal profiles
  • Bolus calculator
  • IPX8 water protection
  • Remote can control pump and also works as integrated blood glucose meter
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection allows the pump to be operated by an Android smartphone via the ANYDANA app


The pump does not feature direct integration with a CGM system and users of the pump have noted that the (non-colour) screen contrast could be improved.

DANA Diabecare R remote control

When using an insulin pump you still need to do blood tests. The Dana R’s remote control includes a blood test meter. Any blood tests that you do are sent wirelessly directly into the pump.

This has two advantages, both of which save time and effort. The first is that you do not need to carry around a separate glucose meter.

The second is that you do not need to manually input the blood test data. As with many pumps, this one can help you estimate the appropriate insulin bolus dose using the blood sugar level from your test result.

Wireless communication

The remote control uses wireless communication technology to input your blood sugar level, calculate your carbohydrates and bolus doses, adjust or temporarily reset your basal rates and check and review your histories.

The wireless communication of test results simplifies diabetes management by eliminating extra button presses and by enabling you to calculate your bolus dose automatically.

The wireless connection has the added advantage of allowing connection with Android smartphones through use of the ANYDANA app. The app allows you to control the pump and review records through your phone which delivers an additional element of ease.

Smallest and lightest insulin pump

Claiming to be the ‘smallest, lightest insulin pump system’, it’s also waterproof too. The pump’s actual measurements are 75mm x 45mm x 19mm while its weight is 63g (including battery), and the remote control is 75mm x 32mm x 20mm (43g).

Additional features

Features include vibration alerts, primes, daily totals, alarms, carbodydrate amounts and blood glucose values. The pump takes a 3.0 ml (300 U) cartridge and comes in a choice of colours: white, anthracite, black, green, pink. The DANA Diabecare R can be set up to read in 23 different languages.

The display features energy saving backlight is illuminated, and the pump is waterproof (IPX8 — 2,4 m for 24h). There are four individual adjustable basal profiles and doses can be given in 0,1 I.E. und 0,01 I.E. increments and it delivers every 4 minutes with a total of up to 24 Basal rates per day.

It can be programmed with temporary basal rates, 0-200% in 10% increments up to 12 hours with default boluses for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The pump has a bolus calculator and allows standard, extended and dual pattern bolus doses to be delivered.

Technical specifications

  • Min basal increments: 0.01 units
  • Basal rates per profile: 24
  • Basal profiles: 4
  • Bolus increments: 0.05 units
  • Reservoir size: 300 units
  • Battery: one 3.6V DC battery available from Sooil
  • Battery life: 8 to 12 weeks


  • Pump: 91 x 46 x 20 mm
  • Handset: 82 x 33 x 22 mm


  • Pump: 64 g
  • Handset: 50 g

Water protection: IPX8

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature: -0.5°C to 40°C (23°F to 104°F)
  • Humidity: Up to 95%
  • Air pressure: 500 to 1,060 mmHg

Compatible infusion sets:

  • EasyRelease
  • Soft-Release-ST
  • Soft-Release-O
  • EasyRelease II
  • SuperLine ST

Insulin pump support

Support is available from UK distributor, Advanced Therapeutics on 01926 833273.

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