Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Frio Wallets
Diabetes Travel Pack (Frio Wallet, Travel Sharps Bi, Glucotabs, TRUEone, pot of 50 glucose strips)

Various – supplied by Medical Shop

Medical Shop have come up with a fabulous idea – a travel pack for people with diabetes. The Travel Pack Plus consists of:

  • Large Black Frio Wallet
  • 0.3 Litre Travel Sharps Bin
  • either a Raspberry or Orange Glucotabs Tube
  • TRUEone glucose meter and
  • a pot of 50 glucose strips

TRUEone: truly travel size

The TRUEone is a small blood glucose meter – it can fit in a pocket, handbag or sports bag, making it a simple matter to quickly test your blood glucose levels anytime and anywhere.

There’s no-coding which makes for easy testing on-the-go and helps to ensure error-free results.

Keeping it cool

The Frio Wallet holds 1 pen and 10 lots of 3ml insulin cartridges, or 2 pens and 5 cartridges, or 5 disposable pens or 4 vials of insulin

The wallet keeps insulin at a safe temperature and all you need to do to activate it is to put it in some. It is lightweight and re-usable, therefore ideal for holidays and travel

And for all those sharps?

The compact sharps bin is ideal for travel and is highly suitable for the safe disposal of sharps. Glucotabs are a fast acting dextrose tablets. There are 10 tablets per stay fresh tube each containing 4g of fast acting glucose.

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