Mindfulness, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose levels

According to the UK prospective Diabetes study, diabetics with controlled blood pressure, which is within the normal range, are 30% less likely to suffer from diabetes related complications, including heart attack and strokes, when compared to their poorly controlled counterparts.

Additionally, the research states that normalising high blood pressure has a greater impact on the life expectancy and quality of life for a diabetic than blood glucose levels

Research conducted at the Medical College of Georgia, USA has examined the effect a meditation program has on resting blood pressure and heart rate in young adults.

The findings compared students who had taken part in meditation training for three months against students who had participated in health education classes. It was reported that meditation significantly reduced blood pressure and heart rate at various measure points throughout the day and night. [38]

A study conducted by researchers at the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Kentucky, establish that regular practice of Mindfulness Meditation may have the potential to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which can subsequently reduce the risk of hypertensio, heart attack and stroke. [39] [40]

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