Diabetes Questions

Diabetes Questions

One of the natural feelings when diagnosed with diabetes is to ask questions – what does this mean, how does it affect men, and how can I treat my diabetes?

This type of enquiry is very common, and throughout the process of living and dealing with diabetes questions will inevitably arise. Diabetes management is complex and can be confusing, with each individual case different. For this reason, all sorts of questions are likely.

What are your diabetes questions?

These diabetes questions can cover all sorts of topics including diet , exercise and medication One of the key functions of Diabetes.co.uk is to provide a neutral community framework that people with diabetes can use to seek the advice of their peers and more experienced patients.

Clearly, this is not intended to conflict with or replace medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Asking a question on the Diabetes.co.uk forum is as simple as registering and getting the answers you need. One of the sub-forums in the Diabetes.co.uk forum is simply called Ask A Question , and provides an ideal setting for people with diabetes to ask questions

Studies show that diabetes patients can find reassurance, support and friendship from diabetes forums. Going it alone is always frightening, and having the support of the Diabetes Forum could help to deal with key issues as they arise.

Recent topic titles include: Why does blood sugar have to go haywire? Who monitors diabetes? What to expect going on MDI? How to change prescription? What am I doing wrong?

There are hundreds more topics from real people with diabetes in search of answers. The Diabetes.co.uk forum is free for the diabetes community to use, all you have to do is register.

What questions are being asked?

  • Bluestar : Does any one know if these slimming clubs can help in controlling BG levels? I want to join slimming world and I do not know if I will be doing more harm than good? I once lost weight with them before I was diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Wallplug : I am completely confused! – I have been taking regular readings and making notes on my diet to try and get an understanding of what makes my Blood sugars fluctuate. I was bad yesterday at a family event, had a few to drink, and even some cake (my Doc said it was OK once in a while). My BS wasn’t too bad at the end of yesterday (9 ish), and by this morning (fasting) was down to about 7.5, (my recent 7 day average for the same time) then I had porridge made with water for breakfast with a tad of sugar free soya milk, and since nothing, but have just done a test to find I am up to 10.8 (way above my average for the same time) – why has it gone UP so much in relation to the morning reading?
  • Hoolyuk : Finally succumbed to medication yesterday and now take 500mg in morning and 500mg with evening meal… how long does it normally take to see glucose level start to drop? Hasn’t been any drop in 2 hour post-prandials I’ve checked so far!
  • Fergus : I have tried looking for this answer on Google, but seem to be drawing a blank. This site is where I seem to get the best, most reliable diabetes related information so I was hoping you could help me again. I am type 2, diagnosed at 39, as far as I know my Gran was the only other diabetic in my family, she was diagnosed in her late 70’s. My Mum (her daughter) and both my brother and sister so far do not have any diagnosis of diabetes. So what are the chances of my three year old developing diabetes?
  • Redmans : I am a type 2 diabetic and have just started using insulin. What are my expectations for reducing my blood glucose levels which are currently moderately high?
Why are the doctors in this country so eager to put you on maximum dosage as quickly as possible? Is it so they no longer have to be bothered to sort out alternative ways of dealing with this condition?
Posted by maria fribence, England on Wednesday, October 06, 2010
The more I read some of these questions and see confusion in people’s readings, the more I wonder if we are treating high blood sugar rather than trying to work out if there is an underlying condition causing high blood sugar. I have Haemachromatosis (high iron) and it is known to cause high blood sugar. I monitor my blood sugar regularly and when it starts to go higher say to 8.0, then I have a ferritin test. Nearly always it shows that my iron levels are creeping up, so I go and give a pint of blood and Hey Presto – my blood sugar readings go down to about 5.5 fasting. I know of others who have the same situation. So how many people who are being treated for high blood sugar have had their irons checked? And similarly what other conditions cause high blood sugar – is high blood sugar or impaired sugar absorption sometimes caused by another underlying condition.?
Posted by cdavie4, Perth, Australia on Saturday, June 26, 2010
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