Global Diabetes

Diabetes is finally being recognised as a global epidemic, with the potential to cause a worldwide healthcare crisis.

Where is the diabetes at its worst? Which countries are most seriously affected by diabetes and how is this going to change?

It is estimated that currently diabetes affects some 371 million people worldwide.

According to estimates by the International Diabetes Federatio, this figure is set to increase to 552 million by the year 2030.

This is over and above the estimates set out in a 1997 WHO (World Health Organisation) report. At this time, they forecast that 2000 would see 153.9 million diabetics worldwide, and 2025 would see 299.1 million diabetics worldwide.

Diabetes is growing faster than predicted.

For this reason this section is broken up into national profiles, by reading all of which it is possible to gain a basic global overview.

The diabetes situation in each country is different in terms of the scale of the problem, the type of problem and the ability of the healthcare systems to deal with the problem.

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