Sumantra Ray, PHC 2019

Prof Sumantra Ray guides us through the processes that are involved in bringing nutrition into healthcare practice.

Medical doctor and nutritionist, Prof Ray, presented his talk at the annual Public Health Collaboration in May 2019.

He is the Founding Chair and Executive Director of the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health based in Cambridge, as well as the Co-Founder and Chair of British Medical Journal of Nutrition, Prevention and Health.

Knowledge-to-action cycle

Prof Ray starts the talk by outlining the knowledge-to-action cycle which includes:

  • The quality gaps to address.
  • The evidence-based interventions that are available.
  • How strategies are implemented.
  • Where, or in what context, they are implemented.
  • The partnerships needed to make them happen.

Sumantra guides us through the importance of training and how education differs to training. He tells us how training is a strategy that can change knowledge, attitude and practices providing it is delivered effectively.

Whereas training provides tools and skills, education has a greater focus on the ‘why’, such as why those skills are needed and why the tools are useful.

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