Ascensia Microlet 2 Lancing device and lancets
Microlet 2

Ascensia Diabetes Care

As well as its range of blood test meters including the Contour NEXT, Contour NEXT Link, and Contour NEXT USB , Ascensia Diabetes Care’s Microlet 2 lancing device is a neat way to get that little drop of blood needed to make those meters work.

The Microlet 2 has an ergonomic and compact design for simple, smooth testing and allows for easy one handed lancing with an easy to grip surface and large button.

Microlet lancets

It uses Microlet lancets, which are not only silicone coated (so they are virtually pain-free) but are coloured – which makes the whole lancet-changing thing just a little more fun!

Available on prescription

These are available on prescription in a pack of 200: PIP Code 280-0050, GMS Code 85055.

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