Diabetes can’t stop you from keeping fit and active. There are loads of famous sportsmen and athletes like Steve Redgrave who have diabetes and are world champions at their sport.

  • Diabetes won’t stop you playing sport.
  • Some of the best sports players in the world have diabetes, like Sir Steven Redgrave
  • The key thing to remember in diabetes and sport for children is to prepare.
  • Preparation needs to be made for before, during and after sport for young people with diabetes.
  • Your doctor will be able to tell you and your parents more about playing sport.

Playing sport

Playing sport increases the risk of something called hypoglycaemia.

This happens when the body isn’t producing enough insulin to function properly. Hypoglycaemia, or hypo, can be quite scary and dangerous.

Your doctor can tell you how to avoid getting a hypo, and also what to do if you think you are having a hypo.

  • Diet plays a key role in sport for young people with diabetes. Children playing sport need to consider how the sport affects blood glucose, and how they will boost their blood glucose if need be.
  • Some sports are not very suitable for young people with diabetes, including solitary pursuits. However, people with diabetes are surfing, hiking, climbing, diving and being involved in all sorts of sports, all over the world.
  • When playing sports, peers and leaders such as teachers should be aware of diabetes and understand what to do in the event of recognising the signs of hypoglycaemia.
  • Telling your teacher you have diabetes should be one of the things you do in preparing for sport.

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