You can be a diabetes expert with our diabetes facts. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family so they know about diabetes too!

General diabetes facts

  • There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2, although there are lots of other less common types
  • Type 1 diabetes is sometimes called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes is managed using insulin injections or an insulin pump
  • About 9 out of 10 adults with diabetes have type 2 diabetes
  • Type 2 used to be called non-insulin dependent diabetes, although some require insulin to control their blood sugars
  • Type 2 diabetes is managed by diet, exercise and sometimes medication.
  • We are living in exciting times. Now we know that people can make type 2 diabetes better. Some people have been able to come off medication and become really healthy.

Diabetes in the UK

  • Millions of people in the UK have diabetes
  • In the UK, the NHS gives people free healthcare for people with diabetes. That’s a wonderful gift for people with this condition.

Diabetes worldwide

  • Diabetes affects around 400 million adults worldwide – that’s a lot of people that share this condition!
  • In some countries getting insulin for diabetes is a real struggle.n
  • Even in a very rich country like the USA, some people cannot afford insulin.
  • China is the country with the most people with diabetes.

Diabetes history

  • World Diabetes Day is on November 14th every year
  • Diabetes was given its name by the Greek Physician Aretaeus (30-90CE), but the history of the disease can be dated back to ancient Egypt!
  • Diabetes was given its name by an ancient Greek doctor but the history of diabetes can be dated further back to ancient Egypt.
  • The first insulin injection to someone was given to a boy in Canada in 1921 – a truly lifechanging moment!

Random diabetes facts

  • Diabetes doesn’t have to prevent you from achieving your dreams. Prime Minister Theresa May has type 1 diabetes
  • Many celebrities and sportspeople have diabetes

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