Type 1 diabetes needs to be managed with treatment. This guide talk abouts what will happen and how your family can help.

  • Children with type 1 diabetes need treatment for their whole life.
  • Learning about diabetes treatment will happen with a doctor or in a hospital.
  • Everyone in the family needs to learn about type 1 diabetes.
  • When your brother or sister or friend has diabetes you can learn about diabetes as well, and help them to understand it.
  • When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, the family need to learn:
    • What diabetes is
    • How to test blood sugar levels
    • How to give insulin injections
    • How to exercise regularly
    • How to deal with diabetes
    • How to understand when blood glucose gets too high
    • How to understand when blood glucose gets too low
    • How to make blood glucose lower or higher
Kids rule!

New words to remember:
Treatment, diagnosed with diabetes, test, deal with diabetes

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