Diabetes Podcasts & Media

Diabetes.co.uk asked you what you wanted, and you said you wanted more audio visual content, such as podcasts for our ever growing diabetic community. While we are developing our video content, we felt that providing audio content for listening on the move would be useful to some users.

So, we'll regularly release a podcast of the latest diabetic news, information and advice. There is no reason why you can't make your own for us to host here, either!

Media: Keep up to date

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December 2008
     - Read our interview with Chris Southwell
       (Podcast now unavailable)

June 2007

     - Read our interview with Katie
       (Podcast now unavailable)

March 2007 Podcasts

     - Diabetes.co.uk Podcast 1
       (1:45 secs - 3.14 MB)

At the moment, podcasts are in MP3 format only (i.e. only sound). However, after judging the popularity of the podcasts, we are also looking at providing video podcasts.