Diabetes effectively prevents the body from converting the food one eats into the energy one needs. If anyone in your family is suffering from diabetes, it could be worth taking a look at your own lifestyle, assessing the areas that may be risk factors and taking appropriate action. Your first objective should be increasing your knowledge, and using what you learn appropriately.
The sedentary lifestyle we lead in the West is possibly responsible for a significant percentage of diabetic cases. A global rise in the consumption of sweet foods, refined fats and sugars, and an increasing prevalence of obesity are just a few of the reasons that diabetes is exploding into a global pandemic.
If you are concerned about diabetes, think about making the following lifestyle changes. Remember, a diabetic diet is not really any different from a normal diet for healthy people. These simple tips could help in avoiding pre-diabetes.
– Eat regularly and in moderation. Spread your food into small meals and light snacking. Bear the size of portions in mind.
– Limit or possibly avoid sweet foods and fizzy drinks.
– Eat extra fruits and vegetables.
– Drink water regularly, as this will help to dilute the sugar in your blood.
– Physical activity and regular movement are good for you.
– Sleep for at least six hours a night.
Taking care of yourself at an early stage is nothing but a good idea.

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