Oral insulin, seen by many as the ‘holy grail’ of the diabetes medication market, is expected to be in general release at the end of the month… in Ecuador.
It is estimated that 2.3% of the worlds population are affected by diabetes; a figure totalling 150 million people. If the current growth rate continues, there will be an estimated 220 million diabetics by 2020. One of the primary methods of controlling diabetes is through injecting insulin… essential for the survival of many diabetics. However, injecting insulin is uncomfortable and invasive. The commercial availability of oral insulin could put an end to injection.
The company behind the non-injectable product soon to be available in Ecuador, called Oral-ly, is Generex. Based in Canada, they have already escalated manufacturing in order to meet demand for their product in Ecuador. Using a novel insulin spray system, Oral-lyn enters the human body through the mouth using the company’s unique delivery system, Rapidmist.
So, why Ecuador? Different countries have different levels of regulatory approval. Following successful clinical trials involving over 250 diabetic patients in Ecuador, the government sanctioned the release of Oral-Lyn. Generex have already applied for release in Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. They intend to use the revenue generated from sales in South America to enter the European and American markets.
It seems like it is only a matter of time before oral insulin becomes available globally.

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