Health care professionals who are dealing with Hurricane Katrina’s have been posed some tormenting questions from diabetics.
What is the effect if insulin has not been refrigerated?
“The problem is, one tip doesn’t work for all,” said Diane Tuncer, spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association.
Her group, as well as the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Associatio, have donated $1m to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund to rebuild hospitals and healthcare systems in the Gulf Coast and provide patients fighting these chronic diseases with current information.
“Most people have no idea what to do,” said Dr. Nathaniel Clark, the vice president for the diabetes group. “They haven’t planned for something like this. All they know is they take medication, but they don’t know which ones they really need to take and what they should do if they don’t have any medication.”
The Texas State Board of Pharmacy will allow pharmacists to provide up to a 30-day supply of medication in an emergency refill, relaxing its rules for the 240,000 evacuees estimated in the state. The rule has been 72 hours.
Diabetes patients can call 1-800-DIABETES with their questions.
In Atlanta, where doctors have set up a command post to coordinate treatment for thousands of patients, the Red Cross will allow diabetes patients to take prescription bottles to their office and refill for free.

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