Impotence can be diabetes indicator

Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common problem, and may serve as an indicator for a variety of medical complications, including heart disease and diabetes. The information comes to light via a study conducted in America .
A research team at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts examined a study group of just over 900 men, all of whom were aged between 40 and 70. The team were aiming to analyse markers for metabolic syndromen, the increasingly prevalent condition that has a role in the development of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
The markers examined included instances such as raised blood sugar, blood pressure and obesity . Mean with healthy bodyweight and erectile dysfunction faced approximately double the risk of metabolic syndrome.
ED / Impotence occurs due to psychological factors and also from a decrease in blood flow. This results in clogged-up arteries. The condition is also apparently an underlying warning of impending medical problems.
An expert from the SDA (Sexual Dysfunction Association) called the study an ‘eye-opener’ and called for doctors to investigate impotence amongst men who are not considered overweight .

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