Diabetes Company says new drug is efficient

A diabetes company, Depomed, have released results form a recent study into their Gabapentin GR tablets. The medication acts to treat pain amongst diabetic people who are suffering from peripheral neuropathy.
Neuropathy occurs due to a narrowing of the blood vessels, nerve disruption and poorer circulation, all effects of diabetes. Carl Pelzel, the executive vice president of Depomed, said: “We attribute these strong safety and efficacy results to our unique formulation of gabapentin which is based on our AcuForm drug delivery technology .”
The four-week study aimed to assess how effective Gabapentin GR really was in treating peripheral neuropathic pain. Using the 11-point likert pain scale, daily pain scores reducing significantly on average.
The director of the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Research Associates of San Antonio, Sherwyn Schwartz, said: “The pharmacodynamic properties of Gabapentin GR provide long lasting drug exposure to help manage the pain. This is especially important with Gabapentin GR given once daily with an evening meal as pain is generally more pronounced in patients at night. Patients are being dosed at what appears to be an optimal time with a controlled release formulation that provides extended pain relief throughout the day.”

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