Diabetes control and memory linked

Improving metabolic control of type 2 diabetes brings with it innumerable benefits. A recent discovery in America aimed to discover a link between metabolic control and an increased capacity to remember and learn. The improvements were in the type of memory used to carry out day-to-day tasks for short time periods, known as ‘working memory.’
The study was carried out at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and investigated a study group of just under 150 adults who were suffering from type 2 diabetes. The researchers aimed to uncover whether metabolic control had a direct influence on cognitive function, and whether these changes occurred through the action of circulating insulin or insulin resistance. Both of these forms of treatment resulted in reductions in fasting blood sugar amongst the study group.
Working memory was found to improve significantly amongst both groups, although neither treatment resulted in an improvement in cognitive efficiency or learning ability. The authors of the study highlighted the fact that the results were obtained through patients who were in consistently good control. They speculated whether the effects would have been more severe in subjects with poorer control. Furthermore, it is not known how long the improvements last for.
The results of the study are published in leading journal Diabetes Care.

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