GlaxoSmithKline, the largest pharmaceutical company in Europen, have received approval for their new combination drug Avandaryl in the US. It is aimed at the large and growing American diabetes market, which has climbed above 20 million according to recent statistics. The drug will cut down on the number of pills taken by diabetics, and is the first time these two drugs have been combined. However, in the case of some Glaxo drugs, health warnings may need to be considered.
Both the FDA and Glaxo themselves warned medical officials and health authorities of eye complications amongst some diabetic patients taking the drugs Avandia and Avandamet. These Glaxo products contain the drug rosiglitazone and it is thought that this may cause macular edema in some cases. This is one part of diabetic retinopathy and can lead to blurred vision. Avandaryl, the new compound, also contains rosiglitazone. Glaxo, who maintain that the condition only affects a very small number of patients, have warned that those people taking avandaryl should pay attention to their vision and have regular eye tests.
Further side-effects of Avandaryl could include low blood sugars, fatigue, increased weight, swelling and even fluid retention that could increase the possibility of heart failure. Before even commencing Avandaryl treatment, blood tests should be carried out on all diabetic patients. Avandaryl may also increase the risk of pregnancy.

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