Roche to launch tailored diabetes program

Roche Diagnostics, one of the leading companies in the global diagnostics sector, is planning to launch an education initiative specifically targeted for the Middle East. The program, which will form a part of the Arab Health 2006 medical congress at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, will target the management of diabetes for the Middle East.
The education program is based on the notorious and proven Berger program. The Berger program was created buy the renowned German diabetologist Dr. Berger. The program has been adapted to focus on the Middle East by both Roche and The American University of Beirut. The program is a step-by-step education system for diabetes patients.
Roche representatives announced the launch of the adapted program which is projected to have a major impact on diabetes in the region. The management system will hopefully greatly improve the lifestyle of diabetic patients in the Middle East.
The program is based around four central specific modules. These are: therapy without insulin, conventional insulin therapy, pre-prandial insulin therapy and intensified insulin therapy. The modules include guides, notes, charts, patient books, logs and colour pictures of Middle Eastern foods. The program is intended to be spread across the region throughout 2006, beginning in the Gulf States. Nine million people are thought to suffer from diabetes in the Middle East, and the figure is growing sharply.
The program displays how important ethnic-specific treatment is.

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