UK Diabetes sufferers do not understand the disease

A new report to be presented to the department of Health has found that two-thirds of all diabetics in Britain do not take their medication as prescribed, largely because they do not fully understand the disease .
Of the two million diabetics in the UK, one in every five suffers from preventable complications as a result of the disease. Diabetes UK, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the independent body, Ask About Medicines, jointly researched the report.
Whilst researching, the organisations discovered that many diabetics did not appreciate the longevity of the disease. Others struggled to understand medical terminology associated with the disease, and were too embarrassed to ask questions. An expert from diabetes UK said: “Short-termism is a great enemy of good diabetes care. Many people struggle to realise the importance of taking their medicines, especially if the consequences are not immediately apparent, despite the fact that damage caused by not taking their medicines is irreparable.”
The report goes on to urge healthcare professionals to provide as much information as possible to all patients, as well as making sure that they know that asking questions is normal and should not be an embarrassment. Whilst awareness is key for preventing development of diabetes, it is also essential for those undergoing treatment .

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