Americans facing high diabetes risk

America has long been known as a diabetes stronghold, with enormous quantities of diabetics (over 21 million) and a still more vast number of pre-diabetics (rumoured to far exceed 40 million.) Because of the worrying BMI (Body Mass Index) amongst average Americans, they are facing a huge risk of diabetes.
Researchers who investigated the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data looked for the lifetime risk from diabetes according to BMI for age groups 18-84. The experts, from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, reported their findings at the Scientific Sessions run by the ADA (American Diabetes Association.)
BMI fluctuated greatly, but generally a figure of between 20 and 25 is considered normal. Obesity is usually categorised by a BMI of 30 or above. A researcher at the core of the study said: “Clearly, intervening to reduce obesity as early in life as possible is our best tool to reduce the risk of diabetes.”
Treating metabolic syndrome, a collection of symptoms that include obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol could be the key to fighting diabetes in the future for America.

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