More diabetes drug options

The new drugs industry is both a field of promise for diabetic patients, and a massive international market . Annually, the industry for diabetes drugs alone commands $15 billio, and this is expected to climb to $25 billion worldwide by 2011. Both large pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotechnological firms are investing heavily in the diabetes drug industry.
In particular, four new drugs are provoking a more optimistic outlook on the future treatment of diabetes sufferers. Furthermore, Wall Street analysts predict a steady increase in the lucrative diabetes drug market. Although the future of diabetes looks grim, with enormous numbers of pre-diabetic people throughout the globe, doctors predict that new additions to the treatment spectrum will have an enormous impact over time.
The four treatments are Byetta, Exubera, Galvus and Januvia. Although not all have been approved by the Food and Drug Administratio, all are expected to gain considerable success . Byetta already has, gaining extreme popularity because of its weight loss side effects. Exubera, a form of insulin able to be inhaled, will reach pharmacies next month. Galvus and Januvia are yet to receive FDA approval, the key to whether a diabetes drug can be marketed and sold in the USA. All four drugs are expected to expand into the global market .

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