New Abbott meter approved by FDA for diabetes use

Abbott Laboratories, one of the leading diabetes peripherals companies in the world, revealed on Monday that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had given it approval for a new blood glucose monitoring system. Stock in Abbott laboratories also hit a six-month high point.
Abbott is on something of a roll at the moment, having recently released positive results from the first-stage trials of its ZoMAxx device. This is a drug-coated stent that aims to unclog arteries to the heart. Experts have indicated to investors that ZoMaxx appears to be on target for a European launch.
The new diabetes meter, called the Freestyle Freedom glucose meter, is hailed as being virtually pain-free to test with. Using the smallest sample blood size so far (0.3 of a micro litre), the new device provides an accurate measure of blood glucose within five seconds. The implications of this are enormous, as diabetics can now test on less sensitive parts of their bodies, including the thighs and palms.
One of the major effects that diabetes has on patients’ lifestyles is the need for everyday testing, and the pain and trauma that this can cause particularly amongst children and adolescents. Hopefully, this problem is on the way to being solved.

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