The enormous European company Sanofi-Aventis are to launch a major advertising campaign in March. The focus of the campaign will be for Lantus, and insulin injection that is administered once a day, and keeps insulin stable over a 24 hour period.
Sanofi will buy three print adverts in magazines geared towards diabetes patients. They will also target more mainstream publications including the Readers Digest and the New York Times Magazine. A New York agency, RSCG Tonic created the ads for an undisclosed fee. Previously, Sanofi have kept advertising for lantus at a minimum.
The aim of the campaign is to show that diabetes, when correctly managed, need not impinge on lifestyle at all. The themes are passion and power, and display active diabetics who are otherwise healthy. The adverts will feature a motorcycle enthusiast, a ballerina and a go-kart racer.
America represents an enormous market for companies that sell insulin, such as Novo Nordisk (Levemir) and Pfizer (the inhalable powder Exubera), and these firms are expected to be the stiffest competition. America is also an enormous market for companies providing diabetes control products such as Roche and Glaxo.
The aim of the Sanofi campaign is to put a branded message on the market, a leading expert said. Lantus recorded sales in excess of $900 million last year.

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